Calling all Aspiring Wedding Planners and Entrepreneurs

What if we told you that a career in wedding planning was attainable, and your dream to become a wedding planner could be your¬†reality? Brooke Voris Weddings has now teamed with the¬†American Academy of Wedding Professionals‚ĄĘ¬†to bring you a virtual, wedding-planning certification opportunity.

Join us to become a certified wedding planner and "Fly with the PEACOCKS!"




Deborah McCoy, founder of the¬†American Academy of Wedding Professionals‚ĄĘ, has made a career of weddings. For¬†20+ years, she owned a large, full-service bridal salon in Boca Raton, Florida and it's there that she learned about weddings from the ground up. Because, when it comes to weddings, experience is the best teacher.

Along the way, McCoy read everything she could get her hands on about weddings. She studied flowers (and eventually opened a wedding floral business). She researched etiquette (and why we do the things we do). She worked with catering directors, and D.J.s, and bandleaders. She studied "the whys" of wedding invitations (and the proper way to word and address them).

All this hard work and diligence paid off when she became the etiquette expert for For the Bride magazine. But her journey didn't stop. She became fascinated by wedding photography and videography and approached the best (nationally and locally) to teach her their craft.

After five years of study and working daily with brides, she felt confident enough to write a book, For the Bride (J.E. House Publishing), which was her entry into the world of publishing and TV. Shortly after its release, she appeared on Sally Jessy Raphael's show as her bridal expert, telling those who experienced wedding-day trauma how it could have been avoided.

Three more books followed along with numerous radio, TV, and magazine interviews and the rest is history. 


If you're familiar with the Brooke Voris Weddings Brand you're familiar with our mascot, the peacock, but why did we choose it? Because of its unique nature of course! But also because it symbolizes beauty, progress, pride, love, compassion, soul, and peace. It's basically the definition of what we believe every wedding should be - and what every couple should aspire to have - and that's what we strive to provide to our clients. This is the one reason the peacock has become our mantra. 

The other reason is we see the peacock for more than just a bird. It is a symbol that promotes freedom, self-expression, integrity and love, qualities that can help you become the best you can be!  Pretty powerful, right?

And now, it's time. Is this wedding planning course for you? Think about it...

  • You've been passionate about weddings and maybe even fell in love with planning your own.
  • You want a new opportunity in your life because you feel like there has to be more to life than what you are living.
  • You need a flexible schedule, maybe for time at home with your kids, a side-hustle to bring in a few extra dollars or the start of something you can be proud of and call your own. ¬†The possibilities are endless.
  • You thoroughly enjoy (and have a knack for) organization, details and fast-paced environments that give you a new adventure everyday.
  • You're a wedding planner that needs some extra guidance as a business owner and would like to advance your career with an AAWP/Brooke Voris Weddings Certification.

We are offering an opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to become a certified wedding planner followed by the opportunity for real-life, wedding experience with our team.*

This course gives you extensive content to study and to assimilate so that you always have a reference guide at your disposal. But it also offers interactive experiences and hands-on opportunities, enabling you to fly when starting your career in the wedding Industry. Brooke always says "I wanted to give others something that I didn't have when I first started, real life experience" Don't let this happen to you! 

So, let's do this. Get certified today and "cheers to you" for taking flight with the PEACOCKS!

*For Encore VIP members only.


AAWP's online wedding planning course will take you through the process, step-by-step, educating you as you go. Leaving no stone unturned, this course is the most comprehensive educational and reference tool ever written. Tests are graded online and when you successfully complete the course, you'll receive certification from the American Academy of Wedding Professionals‚ĄĘ.

You now have the opportunity to take advantage of this remarkable wedding-consulting course, offered online, which allows you to become certified in just eight weeks, and to ultimately receive certification as a trusted wedding consultant/planner, and to become a certified member of the American Academy of Wedding Professionals‚ĄĘ and a Brooke Voris Weddings Official Peacock.



Podcast Listeners

Registration Opens: August 7, 2023

Pre-Course Bonus Launches: August 14, 2023 

Special Podcast Listener Pricing

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$7,000 (usually $10,000) Wow that's a $3,000 savings!
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Non Podcast Listeners (remember no one should be in this category!)

Registration Opens: August 11, 2023

Course Launches: August 21, 2023 

Pricing to be a "First Class Flyer" without promotion - $10,000 (US dollars) 



The beauty of this course is that is can be taken online anywhere and at any time; from the comfort of your own home, on vacation and even your lunch break of the current job you are in (don't worry it won't be long before you have the career of your dreams)!  



Become a Certified Wedding Planner with our First Class Flyer Course (details listed below), and for those of you that need to go the extra mile like Brooke, choose to upgrade to our Executive Lounge VIPeacocks Upgrade for the ultimate wedding planning certification experience!


First Class Flyer Course  

8-Week interactive sprint or go at your own pace with guided instruction



  • Eight Week Educational Sprint to deliver a clear understanding of the different facets of the wedding industry¬†
  • Online course work: outlines, tests, live Q&A with Brooke Voris, Certified Wedding Planner, and live training on course materials or flexibility for playback for those that need more time or scheduling flexibility
  • One year's FREE¬†professional AAWP membership including all member benefits
  • Includes AAWP/Brooke Voris' Certification of Achievement.
  • Downloadable¬†Certified Logo¬†for use on business forms, website, socials, etc.
  • Downloadable, customizable sample client templates¬†
  • Downloadable, customizable wedding-planning materials to provide to clients¬†
  • Business development services (provided after certification)
  • and so much more...


Executive Lounge

VIPeacocks Upgrade Option


  • 30-Minute, 1:1 Session with Brooke Voris - Opportunity to ask Brooke Voris any questions you have concerning the wedding planning process.
  • Group Bonus Session, AAWP Templates - Brooke Voris will review the most effective way to use all of the available AAWP templates
  • Group Bonus Session, Honeybook Tutorial - VIPeacocks will receive BVW's "Big 5" templates and a "how to" guide to best deliver them to couples. This Group Bonus Session will provide VIP students with a tutorial reviewing how Honeybook works and how you can make it work, effectively, for your business.
  • Hands-on Training (after successful completion of the course and signed BVW rules and regulations agreement) by shadowing the Brooke Voris Weddings' team at an event. (All travel related expenses are the responsibility of the student.)
  • VIPeacocks will be have the chance to receive an exclusive opportunity to become a Brooke Voris Weddings' team member. This avails you a mentorship with Brooke Voris, use of our innovative marketing campaigns, and the support of our planning team when you orchestrate your own events, and more!

First Class Flyer + Executive Lounge VIPeacocks Upgrade



Brooke loves bonuses just as much as she loves helping aspiring wedding planners make their dreams come true.

THIS MONTH ONLY, Brooke is offering both courses for a total of $8,000 (usually $13,000 combined)! As Joey Lawrence says "whoa" what a deal!




Click here to learn more about all of our available pricing options,
including our payment plans!



From takeoff to landing, this exciting trip will take place in just eight short weeks. You'll have everything you need to achieve the ultimate dream to become an entrepreneur in this thriving industry.


  • Welcome Video
  • Introduction to the Course
  • What to Expect
  • How to Use the System
  • Layout of Course Materials


  • An Overview
  • The Basics
  • Wedding Time Tables
  • Budget and Finance
  • The Proper Structure


  • The Rings
  • Engagement
  • Premarital Education
  • Ceremony
  • Reception


  • Entertainment
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Floral
  • Transportation


  • Wedding Gown / Formal Attire
  • Bridal Party Attire
  • Invitations
  • Baker
  • Added Extras


  • Bridal Registry
  • Bridal Showers
  • Bridesmaids' Luncheon
  • That Personal Touch
  • The Honeymoon


  • Premarital Arrangements
  • Marriage License
  • The Final Countdown
  • The Grand Finale


  • Business License
  • Business Model
  • Marketing
  • Networking


  • Final Video
  • Final Exam
  • Role Play Assessment
  • Graduation + Certification!

Getting certified by the American Academy of Wedding Professionals‚ĄĘ is a prestigious opportunity enhanced with a number of perks that no other certification process can meet.

Learn more about the AAWP Professional Membership Benefits >


First Class Flyer

Wedding Planning Certification Course

Become an AAWP Certified Wedding Planner in just eight weeks with our First Class Flyer package.

Was $10,000 

On sale now for $7,000

Available as a standalone option.
All sales are final.
Credit card and/or transaction fees may apply.  
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Executive Lounge

VIPeacocks Upgrade, Course Add-on

Add on our VIPeacocks Upgrade for exclusive access to additional course materials

Was $3,000,

Now $1,000

(with purchase of First Class Flyer)

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All sales are final.
Credit card and/or transaction fees may apply.
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This August Podcast Promotion is one of a kind!!!! Don't miss out on this amazing flight of learning the wedding planning business from two women who have been through it all so you don't have to!  Deb McCoy and Brooke Voris help aspiring wedding planners find your entrepreneurial spirit by giving you an extensive course in addition to true hands-on guidance to help you reach the next destination of your adventure.  To qualify for this promotion, just listen to an episode of the podcast.  No proof required... we trust you ;)

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We know better than anyone that getting started can be a struggle so we have added some payment options to help get you in the air!


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This fully immersive flight that takes you through each destination with VIP care during and even after you land.



Payment options to choose from for the full flight.  


Wow... can you tell how much Deb and Brooke want you to succeed and they don't even know you yet?


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Choose a Payment Plan Option that works best for you!


To make it more convenient for our passengers, we now offer the option to pay for the course in installments for a small fee of $25 per transaction. 

Credit card fees may apply. 

All sales are final.